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10 Reasons To Buy From Screameleons

1. Highest Quality Panther Chameleons

You will receive the highest quality panther chameleon. We have an excellent track record for producing some of the most vibrant panther chameleons in captivity. Take a moment to browse our Projects Page to get a glimpse of what we have to offer.

2. 100% Live Arrival Success Rate

To date, Screameleons maintains a 100% Live Arrival Success Rate. Not too many can make this claim. By using only the best packaging materials and shipping methods, we have been able to safely deliver our panther chameleons to our customers. Our chameleons go through very little, if any, stress while in transit.

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3. Longest Health Guarantee In The Business

You get one of the longest guarantees of any chameleon breeder. We offer Live Arrival Guarantee, in addition to a 10 Day Health Guarantee. If you order a panther chameleon plus our Ultimate Setup Kit, you get a generous 30 Day Health Guarantee!

4. Overwhelming Positive Feedback

Customers all over the US have spoken! Just go to any chameleon message board and search for our company name to see for yourself. A simple search for the words “Screameleons Thumbs Up” on Google will yield over 40 pages of results. We also maintain 100% positive feedback on the respected Board of Inquiry. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to rating a breeder, and we have yet to disappoint them.

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5. Commitment To Your Success

We are committed to helping you succeed with your panther chameleon. This starts from the very first day our panther chameleons are hatched! Our panther chameleons are held back for 90 days (or until they are eating 1/4“-1/2“ crickets) prior to being sold to ensure that they are well-started. In addition, every chameleon’s health and appetite are monitored carefully prior to ever leaving us. Every chameleon purchase comes with a fully-colored illustrated manual prepared by us!

6. Best Customer Support Ever

You will receive phone, email and online support. We offer the fastest response times to email inquires, and we are known for our excellent customer service before and after the sale. Still not convinced? Contact us HERE to see how long it takes to receive a response.
(Hint: We are even faster after the sale!)

7. Buy A Chameleon with Confidence

You can buy a chameleon with confidence knowing that we are an established breeder. Beware of “fly-by-night” chameleon breeders that pop-up on the classifieds and disappear after a few months of operation. Rest assured that we will be available to answer all your questions for several years to come.

8. 100% Panther Chameleons

At Screameleons, we focus on the Panther Chameleon, and ONLY the Panther Chameleon. By not spreading ourselves thin with other species, we are able to offer you the finest specimens in captivity. We encourage you to shop around and compare our collection to what the others are offering. We simply do not disappoint our customers!

9. Online Birth Records

Screameleons is the only chameleon breeder with a Chameleon Tracking System. Customers have access to our meticulous online record keeping system. Customers can view their chameleon’s birth record, lineage, feeding logs, and health logs (where applicable).

10. Exclusive Online Help System

Our customers have access to the Screameleons Support Website. Here, you will have access to expert advice and articles about topics such as chameleon health, common treatments, and home remedies.