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Oorana Mena – Red Rain

by Vincent on November 2, 2011

Screameleons is proud to present the newest panther chameleon morph. With the help of a very good friend, we have named this new discovery the “Oorana Mena” panther chameleon. Oorana Mena is Malagasy for “red rain”. The name describes the carmine red speckles over their light blue and white background.

One of their most striking features is their yellow cheeks and eyes. Each one of them displays a beautiful eye pattern that is very unique. Another feature of this morph that is not found in any other panther is their ability to fire up white. This amazing display of bright white is perhaps the most unusual display we have ever seen in a panther chameleon. Full grown adults seem to display more white than sub-adults. They have been observed to display different shades of blue including Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, and Turquoise Blue. Their rain-drop speckles fire up to a vibrant bright red all over their body. At rest, their white coloration can be hidden completely!

We are currently working with a small colony of these panther chameleons. This morph is exclusive to Screameleons, and we are working with a very small number of breeders around the US to propagate this morph in captivity. By next year, the first group should be ready for sale. We are extremely excited about this new project, and hope that you will find them just as impressive. At the moment, this is one of our favorite panther morphs, and we will be adding more photos of our breeders to the projects section of

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