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Q. How long do chameleons live?

On average, chameleons can live up to 7-8 years with good care. Some panthers can live much longer and are the exception to this rule. Long-lived chameleons are generally fed nutritious gut-loaded crickets with less dependence on powdered supplements.

Q. When do they get their colors?

A panther chameleon will develop their full-coloration at 18 months old. Even at 6 months of age they will display nice colors. At 10 months of age, you will think you have fully-colored panther chameleon. The full-blown colors don’t come out until about 18 months.

Q. Do they change colors?

Panther chameleons will display various colors depending on how they are feeling. Even at rest, a panther chameleon will show vibrant colors. When they are in the presence of a female, they will display their bright breeding colors. When they are sleeping, you’ll also see some very bright colors. You can also show your male a mirror to simulate the presence of another male, which will “fire” them up. This is an all-out display of color!

Q. Can you predict their colors?

Yes. Each panther chameleon is sold as a specific “locale”. Each locale has distinctive colors. For instance, a Nosy Be will be solid blue. A Nosy Mitsio will display solid yellow. A Blue-Barred Ambilobe will display blue barring on a green background. And the list goes on. If you check out our Projects page, you’ll see the different types of locales.

Q. Can they be housed together?

No. Chameleons are very territorial. Even a male and female should not be housed together due to stress. They are very solitary animals and actually prefer being housed by themselves.

Q. What is their temperament like?

Panther chameleons have the best temperaments of all the chameleons species! They will tolerate handling and recognize their owners.

Q. What do chameleons eat?

A juvenile panther chameleon will eat between 1/4″ to 1/2″ crickets. To be safe, start out with the 1/4″. If ordering in bulk, get them a size slightly smaller since crickets grow fast. ALWAYS GUTLOAD!

Q. Is it OK to use a glass terrarium?

In general, avoid glass enclosures. You will need an all-screened cage for a panther chameleon. Proper ventilation is very important to these guys.

Q. How do you maintain humidity?

Chameleons will do well with humidity between 40-60%. The average home maintains about 40% humidity, so adding a live plant or a mister will help with humidity in the enclosure. Too much humidity and moisture can cause sickness.

Q. Do chameleons scream or make noise?

No, chameleons do not make noise. Occasionally, they might give off a hiss. When we say “screamers”, we are referring to their colors and not their ability to scream.

Q. Do chameleons smell?

No, chameleons do not smell. They are relatively clean reptiles, and as long as you keep your enclosure clean you won’t have any problems with odors.