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Ankaramy: The Pink Panther

by Vincent on October 24, 2011

The Pink Panther is considered to be a rare morph, and some even consider them to be difficult to keep. They primarily display pink and white colors. Our Pink Panthers display a light pink background with hot pink highlights. Some even show hot pink dots! Pink Panthers also seem to take on a slight difference in shape than most panthers. This is most evident in their heads.

They are somewhat rare because they are difficult to collect. Many don’t make it during collection process. Our experience with this locale has been quite discouraging. We’ve tried many times to work with this locale, but they don’t seem to do well in captivity. Some say that they could have different dietary requirements. With our limited experience, we think there is definitely something different in their care. Colleagues have told us that adding snails to their diets may help.

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