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Ambanja: The Original Rainbow

by Vincent on October 29, 2011

The Ambanja is the original rainbow panther chameleon. These were one of the first locales that were available in the US. Their wide-range of colors consists of every color in the rainbow. The Ambanja comes in two main variations. One is the Blue-Barred Ambanja and the other is a Red-Barred Ambanja.There is also a more rare variation called the Purple-Barred Ambanja that displays purple banding.

The main difference between the variations is the color of the vertical banding. Blue-Barred Ambanjas will display bright electric-blue bars. Red-Barred Ambanjas will display wine-red bars. When the blue and red bars mix you get a Purple-Barred Ambanja. All Ambanjas display common background colors which consists of a teal to light turquoise blue. Orange is also commonly found throughout their bodies.

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