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4 Tips To Surviving A Power Outage.

by Vincent on October 30, 2011

It’s October 30th, 2011 and CT has been hit with a crippling snow storm. Household temperatures have dipped into the sub 60’s for thousands and it could take days to restore.  What is going to happen to my chameleon!

First, chameleons should not be subjected to low temps for long periods of time. If I remember correctly, their organs start to shut down. While I don’t know what the exact danger zone is, I’m going to make an educated guess that it is sub 60 degrees. Here are 4 tips to getting through an extended power outage in the middle of winter.

1. Get a backup generator

More than likely it’s too late for this option. You are already snowed in and everyone in town has already snatched up all the generators. But if you own reptiles, consider purchasing one for next year. We have a very nice generator that can power several appliances. Costco sells them for around $400 to $500. It may sound expensive but they are well worth it in these disasters.

2. Get some hand warmers

These are small packets that snowboarders put in their gloves to keep their hands warm. You can pick these up at any sports store or ski shop. You will also need an insulated box like the one your baby arrived in.  A styrofoam cooler also works as long as you poke holes for oxygen.  The hand warmers generate heat by burning oxygen. You can tape them to the inside walls of the container, which should provide adequate ambient heat.  Place a soft towel at the bottom and you have a temporary heat chamber.

3. Even better, get heat packs

Heat packs are over-sized hand warmers. They also outperform hand warmers in that they provide more heat and burn longer. It’s a good idea  to keep several of these handy for emergency power outages. These combined with an insulated box make a good emergency solution. We sell 40 hour heat packs for $2.50 each. Contact us at 888-486-5552 to place an order.

4. Find a local hotel

If possible, rent out a room at a hotel or motel. Most are equipped with backup generators or may not have even experienced an outage. Room rates vary from $89 to $159 per night. If you have multiple pets or family members, this could be relief for everyone.


Today’s post was written in response to several owners getting caught off guard. I hope after reading this, you’ll consider keeping some of the above tips  in mind for the future.




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