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extreme color, extreme health, extreme guarantee

Why buy a panther chameleon from us?

Because we are 110% committed to our customers and our panther chameleons. Our chameleons for sale come with the best health and satisfaction guarantee of any chameleon breeder. Take one look at our gallery of panther chameleons, and you will see why hobbyists all over the world regard us as “the best of the best”.”

What do customers say about us?

keo ambilobe panther chameleon“He is gorgeous, simply incredible. Truly one of the best panther chameleons I ever laid my eyes on. He looks so much better in person. I just didn’t expect that his color would be this astonishing. I am really satisfied with him, and so are my friends and family. Thank you very much, he is worth every penny.” Keo, CA
sambava chameleon for sale“I just wanted to thank you Vince for answering all my questions about my Sambava panther chameleon throughout the last couple of months. When I first purchased him at three months of age I often wondered how this little guy was going to turn from brown to some truly vibrant colors. He is about ten months of age now and nothing short of stellar.

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write an essay for me It goes to show how dedicated you are to your breeding, care, and customer service of the panther chameleons you sell. I just wanted to thank you again. I couldn’t be happier with my Sambava.” Cassidy, NJ
ross tamatave panther chameleon“Yeah! I just got him in the cage about 10 minutes ago he is eating now 🙂 He looks great! Healthy healthy eyes!! How many crix does a guy his size usually eat? What are you doing for supplementation now (what types of dust, still herpvite and mineral? how often etc?) Haha now he is drinking amazing! So healthy right out of the box! We will decide on a name today and send some pics. Man I gotta get to work. More updates to come. Thanks a million to you and Farrah!” Ross, CA
tito panther chameleon“After a short time of searching to buy a chameleon I came across Screameleons! I’ve seen pictures and videos of chameleons all over the net, and these chameleons are the best looking I’ve seen anywhere! This is my first chameleon, and I was hesitant upon the receipt of my baby panther because of the lack of color (all

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babies are born without their colors). The changes I’ve seen in my chameleon (Tito) as well as the patience of Screameleons answering all of my paranoid first time owner questions has me sold for a lifetime! Its only been 2 months and Tito is already showing AWESOME colors and eats every time he’s fed right away.” TJ, VA
“I recently purchased a baby Ambilobe male from Screameleons. They were very informative and answered all my question very quickly. Vincent and Farrah helped with everything. My baby arrived safe and sound and very healthy. I have never purchased an animal on the internet and was worried. They eased all my concerns. You can tell they take pride in their animals and I would recommend them to anyone.” Lela, GA
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chameleon tamatave” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/claudia.jpg” alt=”claudia panther chameleon tamatave” width=”200″ height=”150″>“Claudia received her cham and is very pleased. He is already eating, drinking and checking out his new home. As you said he is very sweet and does not seem to dislike being handled, which she is keeping to a minimal, just enough for him to get use to her. Thank you so much!!” Elise, PA
chameleon for sale“I’d like two give two thumbs up to Vincent and his Wife (Screameleons Chameleons) We recieved our much anticipated BlueBar Ambilobe boys last week and they are perfect in every way. They came beautifully packed and when opened they seemed to be wearing smiles! They have taken to their new home w/ease and are wonderful eaters. They’re condition and personality are a testiment to Screameleons devotion to their projects. Will be looking forward to seeing the results of their future projects, Thanks Much” Carl Ashlock, NC
gabe nosy be panther chameleon“Hello, my name is Gabe and we bought a blue nosy be from you guys. He’s been doing great, his color has improved and seems to be well adjusted. Just thought I’d share some pics. The first is with a flash, the second is without. Thanks very much” Gabe & Melody, NY
alex-ambanja panther chameleon“Mugetsu will be turning 14 months tomorrow. Attached are some pictures of him.
He’s doing great! He turned out great. I’ve seen others sired by Sokool, and they have solid blue or solid red bars, but Mugetsu is both red and blue barred! No, I do not currently have any plans to breed him. I do not know of anyone near where I live who has an Ambanja female. I am also concerned that he develops health issues afterwards. If the opportunity arises I may take it, but for now there are no plans for it. Thank you for all your advice. ” Alex, NY
ryan ambilobe panther chameleon“Thank you so much for the guidance, and our beautiful Cham, Zen. He’s nothing short of amazing. If only he would warm up to me, :). He won’t drink in front of me but has an insatiable appetite. His urates continue to be bright white although

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the yesterday’s looked more runny, today’s looked normal. His color comes in stronger with each shed, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store at maturity. Thanks again for the wonderful pet!” Ryan E.
david true blue nosy be“I just wanted to give you an update on my little guy. He’s growing like a weed. I thought he was going to be a little runt but man did he put on a growth spurt in the past 3 weeks. My mother swears this one ate the little one. LOL Thanks so very much for such a beautiful and unique pet. Now look at the color on this guy. And I hear the color gets better as he matures. WOW! What a difference 2 months makes.” David L
josh ambilobe panther chameleon“Vince Thanks for this awesome breed!!! At only 5 months his color is popping” Josh R
charlie-ambilobe-panther-chameleon“Hey Vince these are the best shots so far of Charlie fired up. What do you think he would be if we got really fired up. He is almost impossible to piss off lol” Mel C, NJ
mo ambilobe panther chameleon“All is good just moved Moe and Molly to larger cages (2x2x4) this weekend. They are fine and looking around and finding favorite spots. Moe is funny, he is up early but

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by 6pm he is in his sleeping spot. He stays there awake and looking around until the lights go out. Molly always gets caught away from her spot but makes her way there. Moe is the same size as Molly now, she was born in December and him in January.” Joe C, CA
corbin ambilobe panther chameleon“Wanted to show you how flashy korban Dallas turned out to b, he is an amacing little guy , growing so fast, in spring I will get a little wifey( liloo multipass) for him so I hope u can recommand me a one;)
Thanks a lot for this new member of our family” Simone B, CA
“ src=”” alt=”mike jordan hermes ambilobe panther chameleon” width=”250″ height=”188″>”I just wanted to give you an update on Hermes. He’s 6 months old now. He’s showing some nice color already. Here are a couple of quick pictures. Ill take some more when he’s outside and showing more yellow and red.” Mike Jordan


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